We design and build, healthy, beautiful, landscapes for your family, friends and you to enjoy.

We design and build, healthy, beautiful, landscapes for your family, friends and you to enjoy.

Home – a place to share with family and friends.

Right plant, right place. Ensures low maintenance healthy gardens.

Sustainable livingscapes have little environmental impact.

Beauty, form and function, blended with art and science.


Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Enjoy beautiful, healthy gardens and outdoor entertainment areas that are guaranteed.
trees and bushes

An Opportunity for Impact

Don’t miss an opportunity to achieve a landscape reflective of what is important to you.
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A Place to Call Home

Surround yourself with meaning. A place for family and friends to come together.


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Estate Garden Care


Tree Removal

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Emergency and Storm

The Plan


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We work with you to develop a program

Design-Construct, Land/Tree Work, and Maintenance


Beautiful home and gardens

that look good will grow
healthily and get better over time

We believe in old New England values; dealing with our customers honestly and working hard to meet our promises. We promise to do the best we can and treat you how we would want to be treated.

Science informs our designs, our construction and our maintenance. It is our desire to serve. Science and art inform all we do.

  • We return calls and respond to inquiries.
  • At our Free Consultations we show up. If we can help we’ll get back to you with a proposal. If we feel there is a better option for you we’ll tell you and give you a referral.
  • We stand behind everything we do.

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About Us

Chestnut Tree and Landscape is a locally owned, Harvard based landscaping company. We provide landscape design/build services, including tree work and land clearing.  We also do landscape maintenance and landscaping services that include: stonework, hardscapes, tree work, gutter cleaning, snow removal, roof treatment, leaf removal, brush clearing, invasive species management, poison ivy removal, and general landscaping. We also do hardscape construction and ground work including stone walls, grading, driveways, land reclamation, and forest management.

Our Services

Landscape Services

Landscape Services
Tree and Brush Clearing
Gutter Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Ground and land preparation
Lawn Maintenance
Bed Maintenance
Poison Ivy removal
Invasive Species removal
Spring Clean-Up
Fall Clean-Up
Tree Work
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Snow Removal
Snow Plowing
Snow and Ice Removal

Construction Services

Road Base
Gravel Roads
Fireplaces / fire pits
Stepping Stones / Paver Blocks
Walls / retaining walls
Buildings / structures
Outdoor Kitchen

Free Consultation

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