Seasonal Specials

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Spring Specials

Secure your preferred schedule by February to save!

  • Spring cleanup: beds, branches, leaves

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Drainage

Summer Specials

Plan for summer projects early to work around your travel schedule.

  • Tree work

  • Land clearing

  • Invasive species management

  • Brush mowing

Fall Specials

Completing these essential Fall projects each year will help your landscape for months the come.

  • Fall cleanup: garden, beds, leaves

  • Gutter cleaning

Winter Specials

New England winters can be unpredictable, get on our schedule and plan these essential projects that can be done over the season.

  • Brush clearing

  • Plowing and Snow removal

  • Road Sanding

  • Roof Snow Removal

  • Tree Pruning and Trimming

"Grant MacLean at Chestnut Tree Landscaping is very responsible and reliable."


– Nancy C.

"Grant is fantastic and has done a few projects at our house and we will continue to use him. Great work, great guy, great team members"


– Bill C.

"Chestnut Tree and Landscaping! I love this guy. His prices are fair, his work is great. He does a walk thru and I think must literally park at the end of the road to get your estimate off to you - that's how fast it is! He's also a very resourceful entrepreneur which I always appreciate. I'd mentioned my (always) flooding basement and he told me he'd taken up shoveling snow one particularly brutal snowy winter a few years ago, and used the money from THAT to buy an industrial pump, knowing all that snow would melt and have to go SOMEWHERE... so he was ready come spring to help folks drain the swimming pools in their basements! He took down a bunch of trees, beat back some aggressive brush, and even cleaned my gutters. Huge fan, and will be using again for sure."


– Heather J.

About Us

Chestnut Tree and Landscape is a locally owned, Harvard based landscaping company. We provide landscape design/build services, including tree work and land clearing.  We also do landscape maintenance and landscaping services that include: stonework, hardscapes, tree work, gutter cleaning, snow removal, roof treatment, leaf removal, brush clearing, invasive species management, poison ivy removal, and general landscaping. We also do hardscape construction and ground work including stone walls, grading, driveways, land reclamation, and forest management.

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