Nor’easters and tree damage are not new terms to the homeowners of New England. Nor’easters in New England come with relentless winds, battering down trees in several communities.

Homeowners can’t predict or stop trees from falling on their property but what they can do is to be prepared for the eventuality. The increasing prevalence of storms is making emergency tree removal in New England the need of the hour—which is where Chestnut Tree and Landscape can help.

Let’s take a look at Nor’easters and how you can protect your trees, as well as what you should do in the event that you can’t.

What Is a Nor’Easter?

A Nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America and is named so because the winds typically come from the northeast. They can occur at any time but most commonly between September and April.

Nor’easters can be extremely violent and can result in more than a billion dollars worth of damage. They usually reach maximum intensity by the time they reach the New England area, so it’s important for residents of New England to keep an eye on their trees to reduce the damage as much as possible.

So, how do you know that you need to pay attention to your trees? Let’s find out!

Diseased Trees

If the tips of the branches start to dry out, or you notice trunk decay, it’s a sign that the tree is diseased. In that case, you must evaluate it to prevent any future problems.

Inspect the Trees Beforehand

It’s a good idea to inspect the overall condition of the trees before Nor’easters hit, especially if you have large trees with dense foliage since they can cause serious damage.

Be Careful of Damaged Trees

Storms can leave trees damaged—broken branches, bark removal, or breakage of the trunk. You need to check if these trees can be recovered and if not, they need to be removed.

Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Ensuring that you invest in professional tree trimming, shrub trimming, and regular maintenance is always a safe option. Keeping your landscape in peak, healthy condition will help reduce your chances of damage during a Nor’easter.

Emergency Tree Removal in New England

In case of an emergency, tree removal is your best solution. At Chestnut Tree and Landscape, we perform tree removal with cranes to deal with difficult tree removals.

It is crucial to take care of trees before they damage your property or pose a threat. Even if insurance covers it, there can be damages like your car or other possessions getting smashed.

When hurricanes, thunderstorms, and Nor’easters cause severe damage by the unexpected falling of trees, Chestnut Tree and Landscape is here to help with all your landscaping needs. We offer expert tree removal services in the New England area—even in packed spaces, and are available 24/7 for any emergencies. To get a free consultation, call us at (508) 735-4464 today!