Although trees are an essential component of beautiful and thriving landscapes, occasionally such flora may also pose risks if not taken care of correctly. Therefore it is critical that the trees are maintained routinely and inspected thoroughly.

When a tree issue arises on your property, you’ll need to know what you can handle on your own and what you need to call the professionals for. Without the right training or safety gear, handling a tree emergency single-handedly can lead to significant harm or even death. A specialist can assist in handling tree emergencies safely and identifying the best course of action for the owner and the property.

Types of Tree Emergencies

Fallen Trees

After a significant storm, you should always exercise additional caution since bad weather can quickly harm trees. Houses, automobiles, fences and even power lines can be damaged when a tree falls due to weather or aging. The homeowner may even be responsible for damages, depending on what the tree falls on.

In the immediate aftermath of rough weather, it is important to get trees evaluated to check for structural damage and avoid such issues. Storm damage is more likely to occur to a dying tree.

Trees With Infections and Bug Infestations

While infections and infestations are technically different issues, their treatment is often quite similar. Both diseases and bug problems can spread easily from one tree to the next, meaning that it’s vital to get a diseased or infested tree dealt with as quickly as possible.

One fairly simple way to help avoid infections and infestations is to soak your shears in alcohol or bleach before performing maintenace on your trees.

Uplifted Roots

Lifted roots can harm walkways, fences and even underground pipes. Lifted roots are frequently an indication that a tree is beginning to fall.

An arborist could advise setting up root barriers or removing specific problematic roots, provided the tree is still in good condition. If not, the owner might need to have the entire tree cut down to avoid a crisis.

How to Deal With Tree Issues

In the case of a tree emergency, the owner may safely do a visual assessment. You should stand a safe distance away from the tree in question, while still close enough to conduct your assessment. If you’re not able to safely get near enough the tree to see it properly, don’t wait—call professionals right away to assess the state of your tree. After doing a visual assessment of a tree issue, dial the number for the neighborhood arborists. Arborists have heavy machinery and safety gear necessary for personnel to carry out the duties in a way that maximizes their protection from potentially fatal injuries. Experts also have the knowledge to know what actions to take next and the procedure to take them.

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