Besides making your landscape look extra beautiful, trees give you several other benefits, like, improved air quality, calm shade, a soothing view, and even a higher curb value. However, some concerns surround trees in your yard, especially if they are very close to your house. You could end up suffering heavy property damages if the entire tree or even branches of the tree fall over your house. So if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “What happens when a tree falls on my house”, then you’ve come to the right place.

Immediately Evacuate the House

The safety and security of your loved ones should be your priority when a potentially fatal incident like this takes place. In fact, it’s always best to have an evacuation plan ready if your house is surrounded by big and tall trees that are weak, or there are chances of them falling and causing harm.

This way, your family will already know the easiest, quickest and safest route to take. Additionally, you will panic less and focus on avoiding danger instead. It would also help if you kept emergency bags ready to carry first aid, cash, and important documents.

Dial 911

Once you ensure your family is safe, you can dial 911 and reach out for help. Narrate the series of events in detail so they can help by sending the fire crew or public utility representatives to take care of the situation. It is best not to take any chances and opt for professional help even if the tree seems small and you think you can lift it yourself. You can also contact local removal experts in your area for help.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Tree-related accidents often result in severe injuries and property damages. So It’s vital to ensure your insurance covers these accidents if you have trees near your property. The insurance coverage you are eligible for can vary depending on your location and the cause of the accident. It’s recommended you call your insurance company or concerned representatives at the earliest if your house has insurance.

Find a Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Even minor tree fall accidents can cause your roof to crack. What’s more? In some cases, the damage to your roof may not even be visible. So it is best to get a roofing contractor you can trust and rely on to inspect your roof and take care of any damages on the roof. Choose a roofing contractor who is ready to keep all possible problems in foresight and is willing to prepare for them beforehand.

Trees add some much-needed charm to your landscape. However, they pose certain risks as well. If you need help removing trees from your property, reach out to our experts at Chestnut Tree and Landscape by calling (508) 735-4464. We offer free consultations and can help you stay prepared.