Trees play a vital role in turning a house into a home. They stand tall and strong, and not only add greenery, but also value to the neighbourhood. Though they are of great advantage to society, they also pose some risks. You could end up sustaining severe injuries and property damages if a tree falls on your car. So if you haveasked yourself the question “what happens when a tree falls on my car?” then read read on to find out.

1. Call Up the Emergency Services

Before panicking and considering reimbursement options, first evacuate and take steps for the tree to be removed. To carry this out, you will need to contact the local emergency number and share your details. You can also reach out to Chestnut Tree and Landscape at (508) 735-4464 and get free consultation available 24/7. As your one-stop solution for tree services, tree work, and tree removal, Chestnut Tree and Landscape will offer instant and effective solutions whenever stuck in a problem.

2. Document the Damages

Now that you have taken the right steps to get the tree removed, you can make a note of the damages that have taken place. You could either write the incident in pointers or make a detailed report. Start with details such as where the car was parked, the locality, the kind of tree, and ultimately what caused the tree to fall on the car. The documentation will help during the insurance process and ensure you get a fair amount as reimbursement. Make sure you take proper pictures to document the damage and present correct evidence.

3. Call your Insurance Company

The final step is to call your insurance company and inform them about the incident. The sooner you file the claim, the faster the process will be. If you wait longer, it might take time for the insurance company to respond. The claim amount may vary depending on the intensity of the situation and the insurance company’s terms. Make sure you get clarity about the additional steps you could take to get the ball rolling and process the claim faster.

These are the first few crucial steps you should take if a tree falls on your car. Remember not to panic and take the right set of actions. Contact your local emergency tree removal service and ask for help. Make sure you give all the relevant and important details to make it easy for them to locate you.

If you are looking for a 24/7 emergency-free consultation, Chestnut Tree and Landscape is available to give the best set of advice and help you evacuate from such fatal situations.